Al Fida Group Of Companies

The AL FIDA Group was founded 14 years back, in 2000 and since then it has evolved to make its mark on international platform. With the help of proficient and talented workforce, it has developed over the years to emerge as the as one of the leaders in independent IT retails, dealers as well as distributors in United Arab Emirates.

The company has global presence

Since its inception, AL FIDA has tried hard to scale up to the zenith. The company has ascertained firm regional operations in the UAE’s other states such as Ras Al Khimah, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah and also middle east operation in Jeddah at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Although the company commenced its operations in UAE, over the years it has extended its reach worldwide through branches beyond the national boundaries. Now it has its accomplished operations in India, Saudi Arabia, and China.

The operations of AL FIDA

AL FIDA is known for operating a lean business model that guarantees extraordinary value to its customers. Also, the company protects its profitability and growth well. Moreover, the AFC Group has an expanded portfolio, which facilitates it to provide unmatched customized services to its retailers, distributors and systems integrators as well.

AFC’s promising motto

The AFC Group’s saying of “Grow Together” specifically sketches a business model that truly encourages resellers to associate with its organization for joint success. All the more, the company believes in furnishing an adapted solution to its clients and has the requisite organizational resilience. As a matter of fact, such flexibility of the company enables it to successfully act in response to varying and transforming market requirements.

Company satisfies customers’ needs

AFC is known for creating well planned tailored channel solutions so as to comply with the specific requirements of each of the customers. In fact, each of the valuable customers is profiled to assist in perceiving and realizing their business and the unbeatable sales team work intimately in conjunction with them to aid in enhancing their business.

Strong relations with vendors

AFC’s product managers take enough initiatives to carry on a cordial, strong and healthy relationship with its vendors. In truth, the firm associations enable them to recognize product exclusives as well as novel strategies for driving sales high. In addition, the company, with an arrangement of regional offices that spans over 3 continents, strongly follows the universal market trends. In fact, the company fashions according to the global market movements.

Strong consultative services to clients

Further, AFC Group is able to provide robust advisory services to its clients. All the more, the company’s enormous procurement set-up ensures that it has entree to goods at competitive pricing, while, it also ensures product accessibility to its valuable clients. In fact, the company functions together with its customers on recognizing and realizing prospective market scopes, and accordingly leveraging its international purchasing power as well as robust vendor kinships with an aim to optimize growth.

Our Location

We Head Quartered In Dubai City

Al Helio Building, Opp – Royal Ascot Hotel,
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
PO Box – 42755
Phone: +971 4 3930 556